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President - Paul Bevin

0417 275 567


General Meetings are held at Stockton Park Clubrooms 5km East of Collie. You are all welcome to attend. You help is greatly appreciated.Please keep an eye on Facebook for meeting changes.


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Collie Track

The Collie Motorcycle Club’s Stockton Park circuit is located on Piavinnini Rd, about 7km east of Collie and adjacent to Stockton Lake. To get to Stockton Park, follow the road signs to Collie. Stay on the main road heading east towards Darkan. About 7km out of town turn right down Piavinnini Rd. The Stockton circuit is 500m on your left. The Stockton Park circuit consists of sand, gravel and clay, is approximately 1.8km long and would be regarded as a reasonably technical track. Stockton Park has full circuit reticulated water and is favoured as the hosting club for events early and late in the season due to the availability of the water. The Vintage MX Club of WA utilizes the Stockton Park circuit for two of their events each year. The Stockton Park facilities include the club room with TV, Video and sound system and also incorporate the canteen and bar. The standard male and female ablutions and if you get the boiler going there is hot water. With the best part being access to the beautiful Stockton Lake where you can ski, swim or just take in the view.

How to gain access to the track:
We have a caretaker on site. To arrange access contact Glen on 0427 411 966 otherwise Jarrod on 0417 909 672 or Steve on 97341728.

Remember, all persons riding on the track must be current members, hold an MWA license and be accompanied by an official. Starting January 2015 all officials must have basic first aid training.
If you need to get a rec license for the day, please plan ahead and contact the secretary, Steven Melvin to arrange for the issue of a license.

Membership is no longer available at the track and must be organised prior to your intended arrival. Membership is available online here

Club members are welcome to the facilities of the track. This includes camping over, however we request that camping is by prior arrangement and contact should be made with the club before your intended stay. Either email or phone. For the enjoyment of those staying we wish to manage how many people stay at the track at any one time so your cooperation is requested. Plan ahead! Camping is usually not permitted over Christmas/New Year or Easter.

Watering of the track is not to be expected and will only be performed at the discretion of the club. If water is applied there will be a fee for its application. The caretaker will not run the pump so please don't ask him. There are a number of things to consider before the pump is started, one of those concerns is how effective running the pump may be and how available someone is to be able to run and monitor the pump.

Track Closures.
The track will generally be closed a week before any event. This is to enable watering and track prep. It takes a heap of watering to get the track damp enough for race day. Sometimes the track may be closed on the weekend before an event - depending on the availability of people to operate machinery. 

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