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President - Paul Bevin

0417 275 567


General Meetings are held at Stockton Park Clubrooms 5km East of Collie. You are all welcome to attend. You help is greatly appreciated.Please keep an eye on Facebook for meeting changes.


Other Events - Events Page.


2018 Membership
Link to the Ridernet online registration



















Membership Details

Collie has changed over to the ridernet data base in line with MA and the state bodies for our membership. This should make things easier for you guys and us.

However, please bare with us while we work out the little issues

If you have an MA licence of some form, be it competitive, rec or your officials licence then you will have access to the RiderNet system


Any new membership application is conditional upon a majority acceptance by members present at the next general meeting of the club. Receipt of a membership card will be final proof of membership acceptance.

Membership fees are:
      Senior $100
      Family $100

Membership is only available online (credit card only). To join the club or renew your membership click here.

You are eligable to a rebate of $50 on attendance at a busy bee of the club. This is a one-of rebate. 

Would have to make us teh cheapest club in WA if youo get youyr rebate!!

Busy bees are usually held the week end or day before an event.  

Get in contact with the club to find out mor details

By joining the Club you are agreeing to abide by the Club's rules which may be viewed here.